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MTN Opens API for developers

Credit: http://ghanatrade.com.gh MTN Ghana is positioning itself strategically to consolidate its lead in the data market by opening up more platforms for App Developers to come up with locally relevant apps for a soon-to-be-launched MTN App Store on the MTNPlay...

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7 Exciting Uses of Machine Learning in FinTech

Credit: https://rubygarage.org (Anatasia D.) Machine learning (ML) has moved from the periphery to the very center of the technology boom. But which industry is best positioned - with the huge data sets and resources - to take advantage of machine learning? According...

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AI is Accelerating the Growth of FinTech Companies

Credit: https://www.entrepreneur.com (Mahesh Shukla) A customer-centric approach, real-time data integration, cost optimization, and advanced security are those topmost needs of the present times financial sector which is emulating the business dynamics of FinTech...

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Global fintech investment falls sharply

Source: https://www.finextra.com Global investment in fintech ventures fell sharply in the first half of 2019, as fundraising and deal activity in China ground to a halt, partially offsetting strong gains in the US, UK and several other European countries, according...

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